Incense Stick Sandalwood

Ignite our Sandalwood incense stick, let it burn and feel it's magic. Sandalwood is traditionally used to purify, cleanse and uplift the mind, body, and spirit. Our natural incense sticks are ideal to use during meditation and mindfulness practices to enhance your well being. Each stick burns for approx. 45min.

Our white incense incense stick are ideally used when meditating, relaxing, or creating your zen space. Each stick burns for approx. 45min.

Key Features:

  • Great for yoga, meditation and mindfulness practise
  • Ideal to purify home, sacred space, body and mind
  • Burning time approx. 45min
  • Hand-rolled with natural ingredients
  • Made in India
  • Box contains 12 incense sticks 

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