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Kids Yoga Snap Game

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This beautifully hand-illustrated Yoga Snap Card Game features 13 sets of fun, easy-to-follow yoga pose cards that when matched can be replicated by your little ones. A fun, educational, and interactive take on the classic card game Snap, our Yoga Snap Game is a wonderful source of mindfulness and focus.

The practice of Mindfulness on-the-go with our beautifully crafted Yoga Flash Cards. With an explanation of each pose, how to achieve it, and its benefits on the back of each flash-card, your child will not only gain the knowledge they need for their own practice but the ability to show others how to embrace yoga for themselves.

Regular Yoga and Mindfulness can help your child to cultivate calm, clear their mind, self-regulate their emotions, practice gratitude, and become more self-aware in times of stress. By exercising their memory and visual matching skills, your child will enhance their concentration, focus, intellectual skills, critical thinking, visual differentiation, recognition, short-term memory, creativity, planning, and foresight.

Key Features:

  • Better immunity.
  • Increase in physical well-being.
  • Increase in positive daily functioning.
  • Improved mood.
  • Greater self-awareness.
  • Improvement in sleep.
  • Tools to deal with negative thoughts.
  • Learn to take time out to just be.
  • Great self-acceptance.
  • Increased compassion to self and others.

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