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Affirmation Ritual Deck Cards

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These daily rituals deck is their unique interpretation of an affirmation meets oracle card deck. 

Key Features:

  • Perfect gift idea
  • Printed on 100% sustainably sourced and recycled materials


The purpose of the Daily Rituals deck is to give you an intention, message, ritual and mantra to connect with throughout your day. 

To choose your Eunoia Daily ritual, shuffle the cards with the illustration card facing down. Ask yourself the question 'What is the ritual I need the most today?'
A card may fly out or you might intuitively pick one from the deck.
Each card has a message, mantra and ritual for you to learn.
The message is the guidance the card provides. The Mantra is the affirmation for you to repeat and the ritual is the practice you can do today to bring your cards intention to life.
Place your card somewhere around your house or workspace where you'll see it most - it's your visual reminder of todays Daily Ritual practice

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