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A plastic free life is easier than you think

July 27, 2018 2 min read

Plastic Free July is nearly coming to an end. It was a great month to raise awareness about the environmental challenges we face. As a sustainable yoga & activewear brand, we are proud to be plastic free. We hope you feel inspired and motivated to ditch single-use plastic for good and opt for a plastic-free lifestyle. 

Did you know that living a plastic-free life is easier than you think? We’ve put together some easy tips & tricks that will help you to ditch single-use plastic for good. Its super easy, just pick one or two habits and try to stick to them for a day, then a week until it becomes a habit. We promise you won't miss plastic ;) 

Coffe Cups 

Did you know that some coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own cup? Just bring your own reusable coffee cup and save some money as well.


Reusable water bottle

Take your own water bottle with you and refill it when you are out and about. Most shops sell reusable water bottles, some look also super stylish.


Food Containers

You can save some money and reduce food waste if you carry a food container and take the leftovers with you.  


Plastic bags

If you have some plastic bags try to reuse them as much as you can. It's also worth investing in reusable bags that easily fits into your handbag or backpack. 



Use eco-straws, made of paper, bamboo, cassava, glass or stainless steel instead. 


Plastic packaging

Buy loose fruits and vegetable instead of ready packed. It's cheaper and greener.



Choose bamboo toothbrushes instead of conventional plastic toothbrushes next time. 


Soap / Shower gel /Shampoo / Hair Conditioner

Use a soap bar or refillable soap/shower gel


Doggy poo poo

Use compostable / biodegradable dog poo bags instead


Everyone can participate. Every little step counts and will make a huge difference to our planet. 

It's heartbreaking to know that there is so much plastic out there that won't decompose but together we can make a difference!