Palo Santo Sustainably Sourced | Thin

Known as the Holy Wood, Palo Santo is used to cleanse and purify spaces. Its unique citrus and woody scent absorbs negative energy and promotes positivity and joy. It is the perfect spiritual pairing for your yoga practice, mediation and setting & sealing intensions. 

Our Palo Santo is sustainably sourced from natural resources. Only branches that have fallen naturally and left to rest are harvested. This sustainable practice ensures that no tree is cut. Palo Santo is the shamanic incense used for millennia in purification ceremonies.

Key Features:

  • Absorbs negative energy
  • Promotes positivity and joy
  • Cleanses and purifies spaces
  • Sustainably sourced from natural resources
  • Perfect spiritual pairing for your yoga practice
  • Country of Origin Palo Santo Ecuador
  • Includes instructions

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