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Plastic Free Packaging

At Luna & Soul, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products themselves; it's deeply rooted in every facet of our brand. We understand the importance of responsible packaging, and that's why we take a mindful approach to it.

When it comes to packaging, we go the extra mile to ensure that it aligns with our eco-conscious values. We proudly use only plastic-free packaging for our products, but we don't stop there. Our dedication to the environment means we exclusively employ packaging that is eco-friendly, whether it's biodegradable, recycled, or reusable. It's our way of giving back to the planet that inspires us.


Plastic Free Packaging

But our sustainable journey doesn't end with our own packaging. We believe in collaboration, and that's why we encourage our suppliers to adopt the same environmentally responsible practices. It starts behind the scenes, where we make a conscious effort to reuse our suppliers' packaging whenever possible. It's why you might receive a box from us that has had more than one life - because we believe in the beauty of reusing everything for as long as we can.

At Luna & Soul, we actively promote alternatives to plastic packaging within our supply chain. Whether it's old newspapers, repurposed boxes, sturdy canvas bags, or other sustainable options, we're dedicated to reducing our collective environmental footprint. By working hand in hand with our suppliers, we aim to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come.


Plastic free packaing

When you choose Luna & Soul, you're not only choosing sustainable fashion but also a commitment to eco-friendly packaging and a greener future.