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Shopping with a purpose.

Luna & Soul has partnered with i=change to donate $1 of every sale and you choose where it goes!

We've joined hands with i=Change, a truly inspiring initiative that aligns seamlessly with our mission of creating positive ripples in the world.

Our belief in the strength of collective compassion and shared values fuels our collaboration with i=Change. We're absolutely certain that when we stand together as a community, we can create waves of goodness that touch lives in profound ways.

As a mindful yoga brand, involving you, our cherished customers, as agents of change is a source of immense pride for us. Your purchase transforms into a force for good, a tangible way to contribute to causes that resonate deeply with us.

We're filled with gratitude for our partnership with i=Change, as it empowers us to extend our support to those who need it most.

Through our platform, a part of every sale is channeled to three remarkable charities. These are organisations we've chosen with care, each dedicated to creating a better world. Your choice, as part of our community, takes on profound significance.

You hold the reins to direct your impact. You're the one who decides which of the following charities your contribution supports:


How it works: 


1. Shop as usual

Select something you love and add it to your cart as usual, knowing that as part of i=Change, $1 from every order goes to one of our selected projects. 

2. Checkout & Select

Choose a project that is closest to your heart. After checking out on our site, the i=Change platform will appear and you choose which project your donations contributes to. 

3. Track your Impact

3. See how you’ve made an impact in real-time, and how it's changing lives. 

You hold the reins to direct your impact. You're the one who decides which of the following charities your contribution supports:


Protect a woman


Provide shelter to a woman escaping domestic violence - Women's Community Shelters is dedicated to providing women and children with a safe place to stay and an opportunity to re-build their lives. Learn more

Restore the Reef 


 Secure our Reef's future. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living organism and one of the most bio-diverse places on earth. It’s under threat. Greening Australia and Traditional Owners are working to restore 2,000 hectares of eroded land and 10,000 hectares of wetlands by 2030. Learn more


Clean the Sea 

Clean our seas and harbors. Plastics end up in waterways and oceans, breaking down into ever smaller pieces called micro-plastics, well known for entering the food chain through the water, air and food that we consume. Seabin Smart Tech, similar to a rubbish bin X pool skimmer, removes floating plastics as small as 2mm, filtering 600,000L of water per day from oil and surface pollutants. Learn more


Luna & Soul, alongside i=Change, transforms your purchase into a step toward a brighter, more compassionate world. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this incredible journey of mindful change.


With gratitude,

Luna & Soul